Aug 31, 2009

Mickey Mouse Marvel Comics

Lol, wut?

Disney to buy Marvel for $4bn

New York, August 31 – Walt Disney said on Monday it plans to buy Marvel Entertainment for $4bn in a deal that would add characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four to its entertainment empire.

The cash and stock deal values Marvel at $50 a share, or a premium of 29 per cent to Marvel’s closing stock price of $38.65 on Friday. The deal has been approved by the boards of both companies.

Now that's just unbelievable, True Believers.

And I really wanted to put Mickey Mouse Ears on Spiderman...


Anonymous said...

Snow White and the Seven Mutants.

jay smith said...

I love disney.

somejedi said...


digitalgunfire said...

I can definately see Disney putting their foot down on a Marvel comic or changing the content drastically, especially if it's something that is controversial/will draw attention.
Disney might not have a problem with it, but some Republican/fundamentalist/religious leaders sure might and this is why:

I have seen posts here trying to convince people that they should not worry since Disney owns Miramax and Miramax put out Pulp Fiction.
Miramax also wanted to put out Dogma - the response from religious (specificaly Catholic orgs) was huge outrage, posters saying "Mickey wants to kill Jesus," boycott of Disney merchandise etc. The result? Disney CAVED - they will do anything to mantain their mainstream appeal.

For comics the potential for this scenario is WORSE because yes, the rest of America still regards comic books as a medium strictly for children, whereas Dogma and Pulp Fiction were R rated from the start and never planned to be marketed to a youth audience.

So once some religious fundie leader finds out that hulking and wiccan is gay, or some similar example, he/she can charge that Disney is trying to sell a gay lifestyle to kids (versus charging that marvel is trying to sell a gay lifestyle to kids, which just doe not have the same capacity for outrage and media attention) and there will be a "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" panic and Disney WILL cave and regulate comic book content - the exact thing that Joe Q is saying will not happen but it's kind of inevitable. Fox news and other cable networks live on these types of scandals and there are tons of conservative/religious organizations that are looking for a new hot button issue to elevate their media profile.
Disney would rather pacify the potentially hundreds of thousands that will boycott their massive brand (because some radio or tv host told them to) than appease the mere thousands of readers that buy the comic.