Aug 14, 2009

An Ironical Divorce

Protector of traditional marriage Doug Manchester leaving wife of 43 years

Hotelier Doug Manchester was a big supporter of California's Proposition 8. Manchester supported Prop 8 because he was an advocate for traditional marriage. Well, he 'was' and now I guess he's made a reversal on that faith, because he's getting divorced. Actually, she is divorcing him. After 43 years of marriage.

Look, Divorce happens. But this is special. Doug has tipped the hypocritical scale. Doug was an ardent opponent of gay marriage. He gave substantial amounts of money to defeat gay marriage at the ballot box. He told The New York Times that he made the donation because of “my Catholic faith and longtime affiliation with the Catholic Church,” which preferred that marriage remain between a man and a woman. Indeed, the Catholic Church has vehemently opposed gay marriage. Then again, it’s also not too keen on divorce. And that's why....

Doug Manchester, Congratulations!

You're Blasphemes Hypocrite of the Week!

For extra points, there are some of the charges made by Doug Manchester's wife. Elizabeth Manchester accuses Doug of taking $100,000 out of their joint checking account, and also accuses him of stealing her mail. That sounds like the actions of someone who is dedicated to "the sanctity" of marriage.

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