Aug 20, 2009

Government Plans for Mass Graves

New Government Swine Flu Document Reveals Plans For Mass Graves

New laws would also pave the way for “streamlined” mass cremations

The British government has drawn up plans to create mass graves to deal with deaths resulting from the promised swine flu outbreak this Autumn.

A newly drafted Home Office document, entitled The Framework for Planners Preparing to Manage Deaths, states that mass burial sites may be required to cope with the pandemic.

The 59-page document originates from a meeting of government officials and council leaders held last month to discuss emergency procedures in the event of a “second wave” of H1N1 flu.

Well, it's good that they're planning ahead.

Me, I look forward to less competition in the workplace, and easier parking at the marketplace. No doubt, somehow I'll be on the hook for more taxes since the government will not have taken into account that with fewer taxpayers, the coffers will be a lot lighter. Fine, but if I'm going to have to pay for an entire road - I want it named after me.

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