Aug 18, 2009

Fav-ray's Viking Dance

Favre is meeting with Vikings - not a repeat

Brett Favre is on his way to Minnesota to meet with the Vikings. RIGHT NOW.

Coach Brad Childress confirmed that Favre was traveling from Mississippi to meet with the team.

Asked if the plan was to sign Favre on Tuesday, Childress replied: “In a perfect world.”

Last month, Childress said the quarterback would stay retired.

Poor Vikings. It's going to take 8 weeks to build new routes and deal with Favre. Should have gone with Michael Vick? Don't know. But that Green Bay/Vikings game is going to be intense.

Favre's on-again-off-again waffle dance has grown very, very old. About as old as he is.


Flannel said...

Yes, they broke training camp last week, but I believe they are still a group of people who share a cause. Winning football games. Oh, and party boats.

wtf said...

Steve Fuller didn't lead the league in interceptions last year or have a QB rating below 62 for the last five games of the season. Enjoy flushing $12 million.

thomas said...

I agree. Training camp is over so it’s time for him to play in some games. I’d be PISSED if I am Rosenfels or Jackson.