Aug 22, 2009

Bonuses, Mismanagement, Nepotisim in Government Run Health Care

The NY Times ran a story this morning about how the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) handed out $24 million in bonuses to thousands of employees in the technology office in '07 and '08 - despite complaining about large budget deficits!

From the article, "The report, by the department’s Office of Inspector General, concluded that the managers “were not fiscally responsible in administering awards” and that one senior manager in particular, Jennifer S. Duncan, “acted as if she was given a blank checkbook to write unlimited monetary awards.” [my emphasis]

The report was one of two sharply critical reviews of the department’s Office of Information and Technology that were issued this week by the inspector general. The reports document evidence of widespread nepotism, abuse of authority and improper hiring under a former assistant secretary, Robert Howard."

Now, folks, that's a little bit of Chicago in your government run health care right there. Can you imagine how it's going to be on a national scale?

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