Aug 4, 2009

Bill Clinton picks up two Asian chicks

Two U.S. Journalists in N. Korea Are Said to Be Pardoned

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, pardoned two jailed American journalists, the official KCNA news agency has reported, according to Reuters. The report came after former President Bill Clinton met with the reclusive and ailing Mr. Kim in Pyonyang on Tuesday.

Mr. Kim granted "a special pardon," KCNA said in a statement.

My guess is that Clinton showing up to make it look like the US was bowing to the great impressive leader of Kim Jong il's will made enough of a propaganda win for Kimmy to give over the girls that he was holding. Maybe he just brought a bag of Big Macs for the North Korean leadership.

Hey wait, isn't Hillary the Secretary of State? And last I checked, freeing American political hostages was Jessie Jackson's job?

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NeverMind said...

You know, I was going to post something along these lines because it should be Hilldog's job to do this, not him. If I were her I would be pretty darned embarrassed right about now that it took my ex-prez husband to bow properly to a thug like KJI. Bowing seems to be something that democrat presidents do well as of late. Can't wait to see what other political blunders our government has in store next. Yay.