Jul 8, 2009

Viral Video - Suck it United

Dave Carroll’s problem: Last year, while he was flying United Airlines, somebody broke his $3,500 guitar.

But Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell, have told their tale with rhythm, harmony, rhyme, not to mention some wicked humor, and their four-minute, 37-second complaint, “United Breaks Guitars,” above, is racking up views on YouTube.

The video is a quick version of Carroll’s saga.

The video was posted on July 6. In its first 23 hours, “United Breaks Guitars” had drawn 461 comments on YouTube, most of them maligning the airline. The video quickly went viral, with the Consumerist showing more than 24,000 views by Tuesday night.

Among the comments on YouTube: “Revenge is a dish best served with country accompaniment.”

By the way: In the U.S. Department of Transportation’s tally of lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered baggage in April 2009, United ranked 10th among 19 carriers, with 13,517 “baggage reports” among 4.03 million passengers.

Update: Guitarist and United dickering, video viewers snickering

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