Jul 14, 2009

Texting Teen Falls Down Manhole

It's tough to be a teenager these days.

Alexa Longueira, 15 was walking and texting when she fell into an uncovered sewer manhole while sending a message.

Of course, the family of intends to sue.

The girl suffered a fright and some scrapes on her arms back after she dropped into the hole on Victory Boulevard.

"It was four or five feet, it was very painful. I kind of crawled out and the DEP guys came running and helped me," Longueria told the Staten Island Advance.. "They were just, like, 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

For its part, the Department of Environmental Protection said its workers had turned away briefly to grab some cones when the incident occurred. One can imagine their idea of what 'briefly' is?

"We regret that this happened and wish the young woman a speedy recovery," DEP spokeswoman Mercedes Padilla said in a statement. She added that crews were flushing a high-pressure sewer line at the time.

Sewer line workers are supposed to cut off pedestrian access to work sites or at least mark them with warning signs.

The family said they will file a lawsuit -- for what, though, is not immediately clear. Her mother, Kim Longueira, said it doesn't matter that her daughter was walking and texting, and also, the 'gross' factor that can't be ignored.

"Oh my God, it was putrid," she said. "One of her sneakers is still down there."

Alexa suffered some cuts and scrapes but is otherwise OK.

It is not known if the girl's original text went through, or if she texted while she was in the hole.


Speedy Gonzalez said...

"Hola...Como estas..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Cthulhu said...

So, like, what was, you know, her like, friend doing? Or something? That's just *SO* like Tiffany to so totally, like, not watch out for her friend.

Yes, everyone failed at their job in that story.

Hooray! Now the tax payers will get to deal with another ridiculous lawsuit.

NeverMind said...

She probably learned nothing. She will probably end up dying when she starts driving due to texting before being killed by someone else.