Jul 21, 2009

No More Raptors

Senate has voted to strip $1.75 Billion for F-22s from the Defense Bill

The Senate voted 58-40 to delete financing for seven more F-22 warplanes from a defense spending bill, handing President Obama a victory in his effort to reshape the military's priorities. Mr. Obama threatened to veto the $679.8 billion spending bill if it included any money for the planes, which had highlighted a larger battle over his push to shift the Pentagon's resources from conventional warfare to fighting insurgencies.

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Okay, that's fine. 1.75 - but WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 680 BILLION?!

Man, that Air Show is going to suck this year without new Raptors.


NeverMind said...

Meanwhile there are contemplations of making a new prop-driven close air support craft to better support counter-insurgent operations. Yes, prop-driven. Look up an A-1 Skyraider for an example of what works. Fortunately the Taliban doesn't have the volume of AA weapons that the NV forces had. Many Skyraiders went down due to gun and missile fire. I'd rather depend on more helicopters and I would hope that the Army higher echelons of command would think that way too.

Cthulhu said...

Nobody ever had a problem with the Blue Angels. Those F/A-18's are still flying, I think--at least until the F-35 swoops in.

Personally, am happy to never participate in the horror that is the Air & Water Show ever again,.

Plus I love me some hot Predator action. That's the one that can blow stuff up, right?