Jul 9, 2009

Mail Bag: 83 Year Old Complains about Palin

Cap'n's Mail Bag: This was cutn'pasted from an 83 year old who has a blog. Classic, funny stuff in there for me to share with you. Besides, I had these Palin Runner's World pictures to use up. Enjoy!

Margaret, I watched Sarah Palin’s resignation speech and all I have to say is, “What the hell was that?” My God that woman is an idiot. I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again. Her problems did not come because the media was against her. Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out.

Things are getting tough and once again she is trying to hide behind that dysfunctional family of hers. She actually stood there and talked about how the Palins had a family meeting and everyone agreed it was time for her to step down as Governor. Well, I call bullsh*t. The only family meetings the Palins have usually involve someone peeing on an early pregnancy test stick.

The time to step down would have been back when the older daughter was knocked up and needed a little privacy. The time to have stepped down would have been when the special needs child was a newborn and needed some peace and quiet at home with the family. The time to put the voters or her family first hasn’t happened with Sarah Palin yet and I doubt it ever will.

I would cut her some slack but she used up all her slack with me while on the campaign trail. This is the woman who called the parts of the country where I don’t live more Pro-American than the part where I do live. She stirred up crowds across the country to the point that McCain campaign stops frequently resembled a lynch mob. She mixes religion and politics like I mix gin and tonic but then calls for less government involvement. Freedom from government is her battle cry until a vagina gets involved and then watch how much involvement she wants. Show me a woman who is making a private medical decision to end a pregnancy and I’ll show you a Palin screaming for more government involvement.

She was elected to be Alaska’s Governor for four years and she bails having completed less than three. Can you imagine what she might do if she were to ever make it to the White House? All it would take is for Congress to overturn one veto and the Palins would be packing up the bear skin rugs in the Oval Office. And I bet they take all the little shampoo bottles from the private residence as well.

Like I said a few months back - that woman is a bitch. I meant it. Really.

by: Helen Philpot

Thanks Helen!

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