Jul 23, 2009

Jesus is the Reason... for US History

Christians aim to change the history lessons in Texas Schools.

It seems since they got kicked out of Science class, they're going to rewrite history now?

State's education board to consider adding Christianity's role in American history to curriculum.

You know, I'd be fine with that - as long as they explain that it was because the Puritans were so obnoxious and intolerant of everyone else they were booted out of England and the Netherlands. That's why they came to settle in the New World. So, from a certain point of view they are correct. I have a feeling that it won't go that way.

How about how the aim of many colonies was to create the right conditions for Christ's return? A 'new-Eden,' a new-Jerusalem. Utopian Christian Paradise on Earth. How'd that work out?

But will someone explain why these adults are so concerned about injecting religion into the classroom? Are they so insecure with their own beliefs that they have to try to indoctrinate their faith to children to prop up their own insecurities... oh wait, that might be it.

Apparently they're not able to do it at home or at their church - so why not the public schools? The larger question is, shouldn't there be some kind of test - maybe the IQ type - to be on a Da Broad of Edumychon? If there is, shouldn't it be a little harder than a driver's test?

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Cthulhu said...


When will the followers of that zombie Jew give up? We all know how trying to found a "new Jerusalem" worked for the people of 'Salem's Lot, ME. (If you don't get that, y'all need to read more).

Seriously, all these goofy attempts at subverting a culture that pretty much does not want them remind me of a ridiculous cartoon villain, with a new plot each weak, every one more foolish and convoluted than the last.

When I read Hawthorne's The Maypole Of Merry Moiunt I thought about how neat it would be had America grown up a sexy, hip Catholic kid rather than a pathetic, repressed Puritan.

Oh well.
We can only hope that these loons lose this new battle as well.