Jul 22, 2009

Islam has Funky Visions Too

Many Blasphemes readers will probably remember the when the image of the Virgin Mary was allegedly discovered in a grilled cheese sandwich. It was sold on eBay to an online casino for $28,000 in November 2004. Perhaps the time she showed up in Chicago, under an I90 overpass? How about the time Jesus showed up in a taco in Mexico City, last Tuesday? Ah, Christianity of the Americas.

But look, Christians aren’t the only folks to spot their religious images in the goings about of their everyday life. Islam has the same phenomenon, although as icons and images are blasphemous in Islam, all of the instances of such “images” are of Arabic words, not pictures. Here are three more famous instances that I've found.


An Oscar fish found in an aquarium in England supposedly bears the word ‘Mohammed’ on one side and ‘Allah’ on the other.


An eggplant which was cut in half to reveal the name ‘Allah’ inside.


An egg with a series of brown ridges that appeared to spell out ‘Allah’ in Arabic, photographed in Cape Town in 1998.

The egg looks like a screen cap of the new David Lynch classic film : Egg God Head

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Nice to know that all the children of Abraham are tied to one another by their unfathomable stupidity.