Jul 27, 2009

Here's the Punk who took out 4Chan

AT&T was reportedly blocking its customers from seeing a Web site it doesn't like, 4chan.org. But, dear Blasphemes readers, it was in fact THIS KID: Joshu2uber

"I am not afraid gods power and the authorities will defeat and destroy anonymous and 4chan"

Look, the nicest thing you can say about 4chan is that it's "the Mos Eisley of the web." But it seems that the defender of Scientology and the taker-downer of 4chan has succeeded in this plot - and really DID have god on his side. Good work, Joshu2uber - you did it. Please spare the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

Update (12:30 AM 7/27): 4chan is currently down, due to a large DDOS attack, affecting most of 4chan’s servers. This appears unrelated to the AT&T blockade, but may have been triggered by the high-profile attention that 4chan has received, over the past 24 hours.