Jul 13, 2009

Golden Food Market Shootout

A gunman stepped into the Golden Food Market. It was about 1 PM. Broad daylight. He opened fire. Customers dove for the ground. The gunman was going wild. He hit the shopkeeper.

Blam. One more shot. But not from the madman. A customer, wearing a holster with a Western-style revolver put one round into the 'suspect's' torso. Took the suspect's gun. Then called the police.

Managing Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Tracy Thorne-Begland said it appeared that the shooting of the suspect was justified, although he emphasized that the investigation was in the early stages. Police said they expect to file charges against the suspect.

The store owner's injuries did not appear life-threatening, authorities said, but the gunman's injuries were said to be life-threatening. No one else was hurt.

Just last month, another shopkeeper had died just three months ago, only three blocks away.

The previous shooting at Golden Food took place late the night of June 12. And three nights earlier, a co-owner of the Come and Go Food Market, which is about three blocks north of Golden Food on Jefferson Davis, was shot and killed in a robbery.

Authorities said it was too early to know whether any of the three shootings on Jefferson Davis are connected.

Owners of as many as a dozen Jefferson Davis-area businesses flocked to the scene of the shooting, and many were rattled by such a brazen daylight attack, said Councilwoman Reva Trammell, whose 8th District includes the Jefferson Davis corridor.

Trammell, who arrived outside the store shortly after yesterday's shootings, described a frenzied scene. One man told Trammell that the man who had shot the robber was a guardian angel.

"Whoever did it probably saved their lives in there," Trammell said of the shooter.

Anthony Gregory, who lives near Golden Food, said he was in the store about 15 minutes before the shootings, and that while he was there, he saw a man with a baby making a purchase.

Gregory said the owner told the baby, "Welcome to the world. This is a dangerous world, so be careful. But don't worry, God will protect you."

Cap'n's note to Anthony: That is, as long as you have a rational, experienced and 2nd Amendment practicing fellow customer to save your ass, baby.

Story adapted from a story By Reed Williams


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