Jul 22, 2009

Dems vow to Defeat Gun Amendment

Democratic senators today vowed to defeat a Republican amendment that would loosen gun control restrictions across the country – a proposal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allowed to be brought to the floor on the annual Defense authorization bill.

“Why would we want to walk the streets wondering, ‘Who has a gun in their pockets?’” asked Democratic Senatorial Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-N.J.).

And my thought, along with other folks who support concealed carry say - THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT! The bad guys, the gang bangers, the car jackers, the opportunists, the rapists and the downright evil f*cks who already have guns will be thinking - maybe for the first time - and wondering if they're going to have to live the Golden Rule.


NeverMind said...

The amendment failed to pass with the votes needed, but the vote does show that this is not a simple issue with a simple division. I'm proud to have a carry permit and I agree with the Cap'n that deterrence rests with not knowing who may have a weapon. I've never had to present my weapon but there have been times where I've been glad I had it or that I knew I could defend myself or someone else in need. Sure its not my job, but many police organizations have made it clear that they are not here to protect us, merely to uphold existing laws. Frankly if it came down to me putting two in the heart and one in the head of some schmuck that wants to take my life, I'll happily go to court to prove it was justifiable. That's a burden I'm willing to take on and live with. At least I'd be alive!!

someguy said...

That gun isn't concealed very well.

Cthulhu said...

At least SOMEONE paid attention to Sonny's advice.

Can you cite specific times that you feared for your life and that of those around you? Like Wikipedia admonishes "Citation Needed."