Jul 31, 2009


The White House Says 'Clunkers' Rebate Plan Will Go On

The White House said Friday that the "cash for clunkers" program was still alive even though the $1 billion that
Congress had appropriated for it has already been snapped up. Read More:

Cash For Clunkers was doomed just like Oprah's KFC free chicken. It was a pile of paperwork and ever-changing rules. There was only $1 Billion put in the plan. So, at a max of $4000, that's oh, let's pretend about 12 per dealership nationwide.

My guess there were over 100 people banging on the dealership glass window lookin' for theirs.

Okay, let me get my score card out here...

Bail Out - fail
North Korea - fail
Iran ending their nuclear ambitions - fail
Cash for Clunkers - fail
Government Health Care ... oh, hold on! That'll be a win!

What the hell, folks? What HAS worked from this gang of Idiots in Congress and the Obama Administration?

Can anyone give me a Win here?


WaffleMan said...

Yeah, universal health care will be spiffy: The "cash for clunkers" debacle proves yet again the federal government couldn't efficiently run a banana stand, let alone a simple giveway program.

doug said...

It’s worth asking, though, whether this program is really accomplishing anything, and whether it’s doing more harm than good.

Sure, the program has stimulated car sales, but it’s pretty clear that all that it’s really done is give drivers the incentive to purchase a new car now, rather than purchasing it in the future. That’s not economic stimulation, it’s a time-shifted purchase, and, to the extent that the program has given people the incentive to purchase cars that they otherwise could not afford, it’s helping to create an auto sales/credit bubble not all that different from the real estate bubble that got us into our current mess. However long the CARS program lasts, it will, in the end, be merely a brief up-tick in an otherwise dismal auto-market.

What’s wrong with “Cash for Clunkers” isn’t that they ran out of money — although that certainly should cause people to doubt the government’s ability to make economic forecasts of any kind — but that it’s more of the same nonsense we’ve been doing for years.

Cthulhu said...

There's all ways money in the banana stand.

Seriously, this seems like a good idea, but it also smacks of "legislating morality" in so far as its ostensibly about getting gas-guzzling S(tupid)U(seless)V(ehicle)'s off the roads.

Am just jealous that my truck didn't qualify.

But remember--There's money in the banana stand.

Evil von Scarry said...

this Obama guy is a puppet for bigger fish. Even he wanted to there is jack squat he can do... you have to have a spine to do that and spines seem to be in really short supply in the District of Columbia.