Jul 29, 2009

Cassidy Lockett Saves Her Family

An Idaho mom used her .22 caliber handgun to scare away two criminals who escaped from prison while they tried to break into her home.

Cassidy Lockett, of Cottonwood, Idaho was at home with her young children when she noticed two men trying to break in. She hid the children behind a couch, and grabbed her .22 caliber pistol. By then, one of the home invading criminals was half way in to her home through a window. She pointed the pistol at the criminal, and told him to leave. That home invader, and another who was trying to break in through the front door, both fled. The sheriff's department later determined that these two home invaders were Richard Nieves and Ben Westley Perez, who were escaped criminals. The sheriff's department then presented Cassidy with a certificate of achievement for her courage.

What an amazing story. A woman, with her kids, watching Max and Ruby (I don't know that, I'm just injecting it into the story...) minding their own. When out of no where, a crashing window and there's a pair of fugitives almost in her house! What would the story have been if she hadn't been armed? Could Cassidy have fended off one man? How about two? What would have happened to the kids?

Luckily for the Lockett children, their mom was prepared for the unlikely but actual attack by wanted criminals - She truly deserves the commendation from the local sheriff, and an appearance on Oprah.

Hug your kids.

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NeverMind said...

I think I would have opened up on them, but it actually does depend on each state to determine when and if you can shoot a home invader. North Carolina allows you to shoot until they have entered the home. Once inside, you must determine whether or not it is still a threat. If they surrender, you can't shoot. If they point a weapon at you, blaze away!! I don't know about Idaho, but still good for her for having great discipline and protecting her kids. Well done Ma'am!