Jul 24, 2009

Back Peddle on Gates story

Obama Says He Regrets His Language on Gates Arrest

President Obama said Friday that he "could have calibrated" his words more carefully in the racially-charged controversy over the arrest of a Harvard professor, making a surprise appearance at the daily White House briefing to try and cool the tensions surrounding the case.

Mr. Obama said he had talked to the arresting officer and hoped the case could become "a teachable moment" to be used to improve relations between minorities and police officers.

So, like I assumed - this issue wasn't Black and White? There might be more to what it looks like? Hmmm?

I assumed that for the Cambridge Police to decide to pursue what they knew was going to make national news - that Professor Gates must have been a raving assh*le, or something else. I know two things - the whole story isn't out, and Dave Chapelle had a great bit about almost the exact same thing....

Dave Chappelle Stand Up - Scared Of The Police

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