May 5, 2009

A Thought...

I haven't completely formulated this thought, but here it goes.

If the media went batshiat insane freaky over-reaction on the Swine/Mexican H1N1 Flu -


Gets the old glass in the brainpan working a little, no?

Maybe- just maybe, they're over reacting to the state of the economy? Given the flu reaction - maybe we've already recovered and people are buying houses and cars on credit again?

Since we haven't had any stories out of Iraq in over 6 months, should we be having ticker tape parades for our men and women in uniform?

Mrs. Obama bought some $500.00 shoes and the press said "awww." When Sarah Palin did it, she was a vile and terrible person. "How dare she buy $500.00 shoes?!"

I'm officially giving up on MSM and will only get my news from fringe right and left groups, with a little Conspiracy Planet sprinkled on top.

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