May 11, 2009

Roxana Freed

Breaking News: Journalist Roxana Saberi to Be Freed Soon in Iran

An appeals court in Iran reduced the eight-year jail sentence for Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi to a suspended two-year term and she will soon be freed, her defense lawyer told Reuters. (full story)

I'm sure it's because of all the pressure we applied here at Blasphemes, and also that one Facebook ap. Yeah, that's what got her freed.

Remember, she was arrested for buying wine first, then she was charged with spying.

One quick comment - Americans take their liberties for granted. Freedom of the press is the obvious one. But also the fourth, fifth and sixth, seven, eight...
searches and seizures and warrants,
due process, double jeopardy
and speedy trial including confronting one's accuser, right to an attorney.
trial by jury
excessive bail plus no cruel and unusual punishment.

Thank goodness she is free.

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