May 23, 2009

Overcoming Fear

So as I'm sitting here watching my life savings disappear (I guess I'm the only moron still paying my mortgage) the value of my house go away, the prospects of actually making a living... and since no one who comes to Blasphemes ever clicks on an ad...

I'm kind of getting nervous.
Maybe you are too?

Perhaps you are still employed, but there have been so many cuts, you're doing the job of the three idiots who used to work around you - not the forth one, she's still asleep in the corner and you still have to cover her. But the threat of a bloody axe keeps you in line...

You've lost half your retirement, your savings and stocks, after you did everything you were supposed to to secure it, and were all on the up-and-up...

The sleepless nights wondering if you'll be able to buy that beach house in Florida... then you wake up in a flop sweat realizing that you could be saving an extra 30 bucks a month on your DirecTV, as long as you don't mind only watching the "Family Package." In my case, that's about all we watch anyway, so let's save the thirty and apply it to the electricity. Can't get the juice, no point in putting into a dark television set? I figured that one out already.

It's Fear. Crippling Fear. The fear...
When the hell will we just say Enough! This has got to end.

Let's all just DECIDE, RIGHT NOW to step out of the paralyzing fear that's stalking all of us right now.

Hey, Cap'n? What can I do?

Start by asking yourself 5 questions.

1. What do I want? Money

2. What have I been putting off doing that I know I need to do? Bathing.

3. What is good in my life right now? Uh... Skip, come back.

4. What are the 3 most important things I need to be focusing 80% of my time on in the next 30 days? Three, Jebus! Narrow it down to three? Well, there's the FIRST thing on the list... Second, make a list!

5. How can I add fun to my life today? Hopefully make someone who came to Blasphemes crack a smile. Failing that, crack a beer.

Fear comes from an unfortunate ability to imagine the worst case scenario. It's possible that by obsessing on your fear, you fulfill the prophecy. When you focus on what you want instead, you drive yourself towards that and away from what you fear.

Fear can paralyze. Next you question everything you do while feeling imprisoned and refuse to act. You know the things you need to do that you've been putting off. Action beats inaction every time- schedule it and get 'er done. Lists. Lots of lists.

When the fear crushes you the best way to negate it, is to examine how much "good" is in your life right now. Got a family? Laid off? Silver lining is extra time with the kids right now. Single? Silver lining is that you don't have kids to worry about. Fear destroys, but gratitude strengthens. Cash helps too. Just spend a minute to focus on what's working out in your life. That builds momentum. Stops the screaming in your head for about a minute.

Let's face it, fear doesn't do anything good. You frenetically try to do as many things as you can. 20% of what we do brings in 80% of the result. That's what I find I'm doing. Now I'm going to focus 80% of your time on the 3 most important things that will bring in the most results.

Fun is important, it relaxes you, energizes you, invigorates you, and refreshes you. Besides, now I have the time. I'm going to TRY to enjoy it. I'm not sitting in the basement watching TV all day - as much as I'd like to - no, I'm trying to generate some new junk.

We either need to all just pretend that we're no longer putting up with this bad economy crap, or we need to figure something else out.

So, anyone interested in buying a Blasphemes T-Shirt?
How about just clicking on some ads?

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