May 1, 2009

Oh, Did We Overreact?

ABC is running a story that asks...

"Overreaction? Will Swine Flu Become a Run-of-the-Mill Outbreak?"
More Schools Continue to Close, Even If They Don't Have Confirmed Cases of Flu
President Obama said today that while the United States is still preparing for the worst in the wake of the swine flu scare, the outbreak could end up falling short of a pandemic and run its course just "like ordinary flus" that pass through the country every winter.
UPDATE: The NY Times is finally running the FACTS that Blasphemes ran three DAYS ago:

"The swine flu outbreak in Mexico may be considerably smaller than originally feared, test results released there on Friday indicate.

Of 908 suspected cases that were tested, only 397 people turned out to have the virus, officially known as influenza A(H1N1), Mexican health officials reported at a news conference. Of those, 16 people have died.

Mexico had reported about 2,500 suspected cases as of Friday, but the number of real cases could turn out to be less than half the suspected number if further testing follows the same pattern as the original round. Officials said that the tests were being done quickly, and that 500 more would be completed Friday.

“Apparently the rate of infection is not as widespread as we might have thought,” he added. The materials needed for the test were provided to Mexico by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. " (whole story here)

The MSM just really liked saying the word "Pandemic" without understanding what it meant.

Meantime, FOX is running a story about a missing white girl yesterday.
So, can we all now agree this thing is over?

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