May 18, 2009

Barack Spock?

President Barack Obama said in a report Sunday that he saw the new "Star Trek" film recently -- and not just because it was last week's top-grossing movie.

"Everybody was saying I was Spock," said the US leader, known to have a wonkish command of the minutiae of policy -- not unlike the dispassionate movie Vulcan to whom he has been compared.

Newsweek gushed however that Obama's version of the character would be "Spock with global sex appeal."

The latest in the "Star Trek" sci-fi franchise beamed up to the top of the North American box office last weekend, but slipped this week to second place.

Revealing a bit more about his leisure time viewing, the president told the magazine that he refuses to watch cable news, opting to stick to televised sports.

Live Long and Hand Over your Prosperity

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NeverMind said...

Open your mind to me...our minds are one. Socialism is good, big government is good, guns are bad, conservatives are stupid...

Live long and pay more taxes.