May 28, 2009

Goode Family

Here's the whole episode for you! In HD (link!)

"Being Good is so Hard!"

This show is Hank Hill, flipped.

The vegan dog is beyond awesome. "So many missing animals in this neighborhood..."

"...paper... or plastic?" - [Babies cry]

Though it will no doubt be labeled right-wing agitprop by some of its cherished targets, The Goode Family is not really conservative, but something closer to the barbed libertarianism of South Park. What the show is really mocking is groupthink conformity - and that is welcome humor.

What worked about King of the Hill was that her was a ultra-conservative portraiture who was able to crack his shell and see the middle ground. The lessons were nice. I think we can all agree that it was just on too long. Way too long

Keep up the good work Mike Judge. I'll be tuning in June 3 on ABC.

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