May 19, 2009

Eyetech Productions

Listen, this man knows about video production. I mean, did you see him sort of walk out onto the set, kind of? Then he flipped his image - whoa! If I needed a video to be produced, I can assure you, I would go to this guy! The best part about his art, is that it wasn't live, which means he had to look at the footage while importing and editing the footage. At some point he would have had to say, "you know, I'm okay with my calves being huge on screen, appearing out of nowhere, then walking off."

"Camera mic - you bet, that's my commitment to quality and keeping costs down. I don't need that 'fancy' audio."

"You know what we need here, more crazy wipes that came with my Digital Juice demo, show the customers the spit and polish they can expect. I better use all of them, just to be sure."

"George Lucas - watch your ass."

1 comment:

NeverMind said...

Wow, he just convinced me why I should not hire him. He has no fuggin' idea what he's doing! He sounds like he's high or something on top of it. Wow.