May 18, 2009

Anti Violence Rally Shooting

Two Shot at Anti-Violence Rally In Midwest City, Oklahoma

One person was shot in the torso and another was shot multiple times during the event at Regional Park.

More than 1,200 people gathered for the event, geared toward encouraging teens to turn away from violence.

"All of a sudden, guys started tripping, a guy started shooting and kids got ran over," said Angel Easley.

"I thought it was a balloon pop, and I seen a dude with a red bandana and a gray hoodie, and I just ran," said Toriano Easley Jr.

Alfred Frazier, 17, and Sam ZayZay, 22, were arrested initially, police said. ZayZay has since been released pending further investigation. Frazier is accused of shooting with intent to kill.

Investigators are talking to two other people possibly involved in the shooting. The names of the shooting victims have not been released. Police have not indicated whether the shooting is gang-related.

Guns don't kill people. Morons do.

Anti Violence Rallies Don't Kill People- Whoa, not so fast.


chairborne said...

I open carry about half of the time.

I'm not a redneck.

I've stopped violent crimes twice while armed, neither involved even pulling the gun.

I'm not a police officer, nor do I ever want to be one.

Despite this, I'm better trained than 90 percent of police officers in the use of firearms.

A retention holster and a pocket knife are enough to make me feel comfortable that my weapon can't be snagged without my consent.

Why do people who claim to carry concealed always seem to biatch the loudest about open carry?

Why would people feel safer if I *hid* my gun instead of carrying it in plain sight where they can keep an eye on it?

Why do the same people who so vocally distrust police seem to always be the same people who advocate for *only* the police to have the right to go about their business armed?

How does a weeks worth of training and the biannual ritual firing of a box worth of ammunition make the typical police officer so much better qualified to carry arms than your fellow citizen?

Why do the same people who think that our military is full of stupid two dimensional grunts who only enlisted because of a dearth of other options so vociferously assert that no civilian force could ever hope to fight them successfully in the unlikely event that things ever get bad enough for us to use our built in constitutional right to rebel?

Did you ever think that at any given time there are several times more veterans in the civilian population than there are soldiers in the entire armed forces?

Do you really have so little faith in your own abilities that you think *no one* could possibly responsibly carry just because you couldn't?

What the hell is wrong with being a little clint eastwood anyways? the heroes in movies are based on archetypes that show up in real life all the time. I'm sure I travel in different circles than many of you, but are you really telling me you don't know any Eastwoods in real life? Hell, I know enough Eastwoods to fill a platoon.

Cathedralmaster said...

We have a criminal justice system in this country precisely so that people don't have to go around taking the law into their own hands. This isn't the old west anymore. You're living in a society that has rules, rules that are there for a reason. We have police so we don't need to rely on people who are not trained and aren't acting with the consent of the public.

And perhaps you missed Magnum Force when Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry is given the opportunity to play judge, jury, and executioner and rejects it because "I hate the goddamn system, but until someone comes along with changes that make sense, I'll stick with it."

NeverMind said...


Well done with your comments. I enjoy my ability to legally carry concealed and I do frequently. I have lived in both types of states that allow or don't allow open carry. I've never done it only out of concern for creating more problems than solving. However, I would never discriminate against a law abiding citizen openly carrying an approved weapon. My main opinion on concealed carry is that it allows for a sense of security and also keeps those that choose to break the law to really think twice about committing their crime (especially if they are not equally or better armed). I have never presented my weapon in a hostile situation but I would not hesitate to do so in order to protect myself, family, and an innocent victim. I'd risk the litigation possibility to do the right thing. It sounds like you've had to do that before and I approve of your choices. Keep up the good work!