May 4, 2009

All Out War in Pakistan

Taliban Declares All Out War In Pakistan

Taliban officially has declared dissolution of peace deal in swat. Taliban has blamed pakistan authorities for the deal break up and vowed to attack security forces in all parts of pakistan.

“Our peace pact agreement with the North West Frontier Province government practically stands dissolved”, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khansaid and sought to put the onus on authorities saying “security forces are attacking us”.

Taliban has said that they would not target general people of pakistan but security forces and rulers only. It has also said that awami league wont be targeted unless they assist security forces.

Dubbing government as working directly under barack obama , taliban has given clean chit to India. It has said that India and Afghanistan has no role , what so ever in swat insurgency .

India is watching closely the developments taking place in Pakistan. Pakistan is fighting decisive battle with taliban , it’s question of survival for pakistan and India too is worried.

Though in an interview to geo tv sufi muhmaad has rejected speculation of taliban for getting involved in kashmir.

Hey Cthulhu - have a field day with the grammar and use of Caps - but the news is the same and that is what I said here on Blasphemes about a week ago.

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NeverMind said...

You can't make a peace deal with someone and then continue to push armed forces into an area that is not yours. That's war in the simplest definition anyway. These guys marched in an declared Islamic law in an area that did not want it. What did they expect to have happen by rolling armed thugs into Pakistani controlled areas after they agreed to so-called peace? I'm surprised it took this long to declare war though the Taliban is far from being the victim here. Now if only we could squeeze in from the east then it would really put a hurt on these scumbags.