Apr 20, 2009

GI Joe News

GI JOE News for the week of April 20th.

Okay, GI JOE Resolute is now on Adult Swim.

Bazooka KIA. Got your attention?

Drawn Manga. Death, no parachutes.

Bazooka gets an autopsy in the second part.

Here's your Link

Onto the Movie front...

I think we all remember the terrible fail that was the leaked toy face of G.I. Joe's live action Cobra Commander. Now, the Cobra actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is trying to put you Joe fan's minds at ease.

In an interview, Gordon-Levitt said it was the face of Cobra Commander that got him interested in the part in the first place. And reassured us that what we've seen isn't truly the face of the Commander:
That toy is not my face. It's a mask. I like that I get to keep my face. It has less to do with me and more to do with this character that I helped create. That's more thrilling to me. It's this thing that was born out of a creative, collaborative process between me and a bunch of other people that all worked on creating this character.
But, but, you're wearing a scuba mask, dude. And you were born in 1981. I mean, are you really going to try to talk your way out of this? All you had to do was wear a blue hood. I mean, it's not rocket surgery. Sigh.

Well, anyway, check out Resolute and get back here to leave a comment. The guess of this moderator/instigator is that Resolute > Rise of Cobra. Not much of a limb is it?

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