Apr 29, 2009

100 Days

100 Days - 100 Mistakes (NY Post)

100 Days of Fellatio (Huffington Post)

The NY Times is trying to compare 100 days of some of the other Presidents - not Lincoln though, for some reason? Obama at 100 Days: How Does He Compare?

Look, it's been 100 days. Whoopie. Who cares?

Depending on how you voted - if your team won or lost, you probably are either really bitter or still full of Hope and Change.
One hundred years from this day
Will the people still feel this way
And still say
The things that they're saying right now.
The Byrds, "One Hundred Years From Now," 1968.
Yeah, I quoted the Byrds. Deal with it.

What troubles me, and also gives me plenty of political crap to write about, is that there have been SO many gaffs, glitches and stupid - stupid moves since - well, he was actually sworn in. This was the guy who was supposed to be so gifted in his ability to lead - speak intelligently - and unite.

I haven't seen much of that. Have you? I've seen a lot of finger pointing, teleprompter hickups, and half a country that is scared as hell. At best, Obama is a great pitchman for himself and boring old Democrat ideas.

The Obama White House has given us a mistake or two per day - and I don't even mean something that pisses off that half of the country that didn't vote for him... you know simple things like changing the abortion rules, taxing your miles [yeah, they're bringing that out again], or giving every American an additional $27,000 tax burden to pay off. No, I'm not talking about those issues.

I don't have to go back 100 full days. As recent as the Air Force One photo op two days ago [Remember April 27, 09!] that buzzed lower Manhattan. Obama said "I heard about it when you did..." What'd he do, turn on the TV and say, "Hey, what's my plane doing up there?" Do you have any idea how many people would have had to know and approve that? And what did they think before hand, that NO one in NYC would notice a 747 with a F-16 escort and think - oh hey, it's the President waving down at us? When it went south, everyone in the White House pointed fingers and denied any knowledge, and even started an investigation. Sounds like a cover up - but only because it didn't go off the way they thought it would. Stupid gaffe. Worse was their action afterward.

The lack of responsibility and owing up to stupid gaffs like the Air Force One (We don't have Photoshop?) photo shoot make me really fearful about what's going on behind the scenes with the really LARGE problems - like the plan to 'give' GM to the UAW. What the hell is that? That doesn't make any sense - but it sure seems like a great deal for the labor movement.

Remember when Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah? - it was just a stupid gaffe... But then there was so much denial that he even did it... in the White House and then Tweeted back by the media. Stupid. It was a mistake for the President of the Free World bowing to a monarch. It was a bigger mistake to deny that he bowed. Just say, "hey, dumb move" and move on.

Then there are lingering issues, for me. Like when Hillary 'got selected' to be the Secretary of State. He didn't want a fight in Denver. Fine. Sec. of State was the concession that he had to make for her to back off. Who am I to question it, since no one else has? But I'll toss this out, it makes me uncomfortable with that one decision - because it shows how quickly he caves under pressure.

He was supposed to be better than this... and [so far] he just isn't.

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NeverMind said...

Crash and burn baby! It still is WAY lacking in anything that would give us back a Republican majority anywhere. Those days are over for now. Sad but true.