Sep 21, 2008

Vienna Hot Dogs not exactly 100% Beef

Hey Chicago, did you know those beloved Vienna "100% All Beef" hot dogs are actually encased in sheep and pigs, according to a recently settled class action suit? Well you do now! Under a settlement, all class members—anyone in the U.S. who bought a Vienna hot dog at a hot dog stand in the past five years—are entitled to $3 per consumed hog dog. Learn how to submit your claim, inside... There's a lot of hoops so I'm giving them to you.

Send the following in an email to

1. Your full name, Your address, your phone number;
2. The number of years you have lived there;
3. Your telephone number and contact information;
4. Name of the location(s) where you ate the product - store bought products are NOT at issue, only hot dog stands;
5. Address of the location(s);
6. Date or "approximate" date, month or year of eating at the location(s);
7. What exactly was eaten, was it a 1) jumbo hot-dog, 2) a polish sausage or 3) a foot long hot dog;
8. Receipts if possible, (if not, that is ok too);
9. A sample of the product along with the wholesale box lid or box itself, (if not, that is ok too); and
10. Reason why don’t you eat pork, or sheep (religious reason, moral, health, allergic, migraines).

Vienna has also agreed to warn consumers through their website and promotional materials that their hot dogs may contain sheep or pork.

You know, this isn't as much about yummy pork or yummy lamb intestines as it is about lying about 100% Beef.

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