Sep 3, 2008

Understatement of the Year Award

Brian Wilson, "I should have passed on the LSD and marijuana and all that," he says. "It kind of screwed my mind up."

There's also no chance for a truce with Mike Love, because of his lawsuit that argued that the band's future sales were threatened by a Smile-related promotional CD of Wilson's re-recorded Beach Boys hits. The suit, dismissed last year as meritless, "made me not like him," says Wilson, who lavishes praise on his current 10-member band. "I trust my band. They're better than any band I've ever worked with. I pick up energy from them. And love."


So where's all this Brian Wilson fluid discussion coming from? Why, I'm glad you asked. It seems that Wilson has teamed up with Van Dyke Parks to create a new album : That Lucky Old Sun.

For those of you in the Blasphemer's Beach Boys Booster Club - it's a neat article. For the rest of you, Wilson's story is a classic case of of drugs, mental illness, paranoia, isolation, burnout. Good times. And when I say case, it's more of a truck or boat load of drugs, mental illness, paranoia, isolation, and burnout.

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