Sep 13, 2008

Tina Palin

Tina Fey is "likely" to play Gov. Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live," said a person close to
NBC's sketch comedy show.

Ah... Duhhh???

Fey is "likely" to return to her former show Saturday to play the Alaskan governor and Sen. John McCain's running mate, a person close to the show told The Associated Press on Friday night. The person requested anonymity because the decision has not been announced officially.

Also, Obama is supposed to show up.

Uh, remember when going on these shows was political suicide?


If you're home tonight, be on the lookout for the ONE political gag... and then 85 minutes of drudgery.


Anonymous said...

Obama announced YESTERDAY that he would not be appearing on SNL...

Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki explained, "In light of the unfolding crisis in Texas, Senator Obama has decided it is no longer appropriate to appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow evening."

Capn said...

He should have added (and my POINT Mr. Anonymous) was that it's NEVER appropriate to appear on SNL.

Thanks for checking in.
See you next week.

cthulhu said... librarian nerrd grrrls.

Especially fond of the evil one. Crazy is so ununderstandably sexy.

Monica Davey said...

Sarah Palin was Tina Fay for Halloween