Sep 8, 2008

The "Real" Sarah Palin?

Look, I caughted a fishy
(how many women do you know who would touch a fish, let alone catch one?
No, I didn't say smell like one...)

...and now you have to drink it's blood... Oh, smile for the camera!

Wait, isn't this the dream sequence in The Big Lebowski?
Vikings? In Alaska?
Do I make you feel horny?

"You bet I did! Yes, I killed this coat!
Down with PETA! Death to the Polar Bear Menace!"

Dude, she has a plane.

Bear: Great Gams.
Crab: Yeah, but she has giant crabs.

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C-Dub said...

To learn more about the "real" Sarah Palin, check out this ABC interview with her 4 best friends. Who else to give 'the scoop' on 'the dish'?

While their responses are very carefully worded, 3 of the 4 imply that they will be voting for someone else. Only 1 of them is willing to say that she will vote for Sarah. (With friends like these, right?)

Even more amusing is that these 4 ladies, along with Sarah and Sarah's mother, refer to themselves as the 'Elite 6'. After months of Republicans trying to pound into our heads that anyone who is elite is evil and scary, they go and nominate a VP who proclaims herself to be elite. (Sorta the reverse of what they did with that whole 'experience' thing.)

Of course, I have to admit that the "elite = bad" philosophy has had an effect on me. That's right. I have stopped watching college basketball. Elite Eight? To hell with those treasonous bastards.