Sep 16, 2008

Ozzie's Mouth Open Again

From the Letters Department:

"Hey Cap thought you oughta see this one...

Idiot Ozzie running his mouth again. He, like all Sox fans, needs to worry about his own team. The Cubs are not rivals with the Sox, they aren't in the same league last time I checked. Worry about the Twins moron.

Ozzie plays disrespect card

With his team knee-deep in a pennant chase in which the margin of error is reaching nil, Ozzie Guillen used the New York stage to pull out the disrespect card, throw it on the table and play it loud and clear for all of Chicago to hear -- all the way to the North Side. In the wake of Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter and the Cubs once again all that is seemingly relevant in the Windy City, Guillen was asked about the pennant races taking place on both sides of town. ''We're in the pennant race? Not really,'' Guillen said sarcastically. ''There are a couple people [that believe it], but the Cubs are in the pennant race, and we're not. ''Maybe people feel different, but I feel that way. It was harder for us and we had a tougher season than they had from the beginning. They dominate the league, the division. That's why Chicago people feel sure about the Cubs going and we're not.''

Signed J from Chi"

Agreed J, as to why Ozzie seems to be obsessed with the Cubs? Jealous? Or secret man crush?

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