Sep 4, 2008

Mour Dollers for Ur Skoolz

Overmisuse of Speeel Chekrs kin makes u dummb


I hate Skeletor McCain and C-Word Palin said...

I guess if you're a rich/out of touch Republican it's ok if you can't spell

Cthulhu said...

Now that is funny.

Was amused when the senator himself made education into a "civil rights" issues & then proceeded to state that y'all ain't gunna haf nunn.

So choice is all righty for our education, but not for personal health issues, or sexuality, or beliefs or lack thereof (ok, the last is a stretch maybe).

Remember being in public grade school and being told--in preparation for our constitution test, necessary to pass in order to graduate--that a well-educated populace was a cornerstone of a democratic society, and that public education was a key vision of the founding fathers. You know, smarts for everyone, not just land-owning men, but tradesmen and non-gentry.
Yes, they did not include the ladies or those of forced servitude and emigration, but the idea was there. Of course, that could simply be the bureaucratic conspiracy of the angry left, perpetuated to keep me down.

Education is a 21st century civil rights issue. Meaning that only the well-to-do will be allowed that particular right. Honestly, how many lower-income families--black, white, red, yellow, or greeen--can afford to transport their kid to his own private school?

If the government wants to subsidize corn and oil, why not do the same for its workforce?

Capn said...

I'm going to jump in here - school vouchers are a really old idea that has been a Republican non-issue that usually holds hands with flag burning.

Republicans are really big on the idea of 'vouchers' and tax breaks for people who don't like their local schools. They think it'd promote competition and improve schools.

Democrats argue that if the public school system doesn't work - fix it by throwing money at it, don't just abandon it.

Very Basic Boil down - The battle lines on this issue seem to be the teachers unions in public schools and parochial schools looking to get some of that sweet honey tax money.

The non-issue has been thrown around since... hell, since Milton Friedman came up with it in the 50's. Nothing ever gets done. But it's fun to talk about at conventions every four years.