Sep 5, 2008

Bounce Gone, Race Tied

No surprise here. The Race is once again tied.
A poll released today by CBS News reports that Barack Obama's post-Democratic convention bounce has been erased — and that for the first time, John McCain has drawn even with his Democratic opponent in the network's poll.
Again, let me put into print my prediction - In case you've missed it 20 times before...
Using the same map from 2004.

Obama wins the Popular - by a fairly wide margin.
McCain wins the Electoral College by a pubic hair.

Screams and cries will go out for this 'antiquated' system to be replaced.
There might even be riots.
Diebold (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) will be blamed.
Women in teddy bear sweaters from fly over country will be blamed.
Screams of racism from the gun-clutching, God fearing rednecks will be blamed
The media will tout it as the 'stolen' election of '08.

Oh, and it might be worth mentioning....
The CBS polling concluded Wednesday, so it does not include any effect from last night’s speech by Republican McCain, OR vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Wednesday night.

Just try to act surprised when it happens, okay?

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