Jul 7, 2008

All Stars Named

Cubs put up a team record seven players on the NL All Star roster. The Red Sox also will send seven to Yankee Stadium on July 15.

Three Cubs, four Red Sox named as starters.

Hell, why not just have these two teams play in a very special game? Oh, is that too subtle?
"What are you saying?"


Anyway, as a NL athletic supporter, this blogger notes that it will be critical to the success of a NL team to actually win the stupid All Star Game since the need to have home field advantage was pointed out in the last Chicago Cross-Town classic/El Ride what-have-you.

Note that the AL has won 10 and tied one since 1996. Overall, the NL leads 40-36-2.

"It's more than just an All-Star Game, it's like a celebration of Yankee Stadium," some guy named Jeter said.

Oh, and Rays put no one up - and they have the best record. I don't know what that means other than no one has taken notice of that record or the people making that happen -- yet.

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J said...

Rays had a pitcher and a catcher named to the squad. Sssuper! Kazmir and Navarro. Actually every team has to have at least one representative, which is a stupid rule by the way.