May 4, 2006

This day

Today, May 04, is an important day for someone:

  • 1979: Magaret Thatcher sworn in. Helps lay the foundation for conservatism ("Thatcherism" in England) as it is now known. It would be three years before she would blow Reagan. No one was impeached.
  • 1886: Haymarket Square Riot. During a riot in Chicago a bomb is tossed at police officers killing 8 and injuring 60 others. Police respond by shooting randomly in to the crowd. By the end of the day over a dozen were dead and 100s injured. This starts a wave of xenophobia (started by a German) and an insane trial that kills 5 more (4 by execution, 1 by suicide the day before his execution.) Luckily, the Germans have hardly bothered anyone since.
  • 1970: Kent State National Guard Kills Four. National Guardsman fire into a crowd of anti-war protestors killing four, injuring eight and paralyzing one. Luckily, the protest keeps the U.S. from ever starting another unwinnable war based on lies.
  • 1776: Delaware becomes the first state to declare independence from England. Later becomes the only state with slaves not to secede. Now is one of three states without a library donated by Carnegie. Car racing and A baseball is all it is trusted with today.
  • 1865: Lincoln and son buried in Springfield. This gives Springfield a reason to continue being the state's capital. Before his burial Lincoln's body went through 180 cities. 178 more than the average resident of Springfield.
  • 1929: Audrey Hepburn born. 'Nuff said.
  • 2006: Three toed dog story gets postponed one more day.

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