May 23, 2006

Sterling Burnett is an ass

I wanted to make sure that the headline is clear. I am not as good as Killre at finding other words to fill in for my foul language. Nor, in this case, would I want to. But make no mistake Sterling Burnett is a full-fledged, fat, stinky, hemorrhoid covered, anal wart infested asshole. He is the fucking taint of the U.S. I know you probably have questions. I'm guessing that among them are who the hell is Sterling Burnett and why does he have poor One F so perturbed?

Sterling Burnett is a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis. Go ahead check out the bullshit these fuckers are selling. I'll wait.

Are we back? Did you catch the "Polar Bears on thin ice, not really" article. Did you follow that logic? Of different polar bear groups 16.4% are decreasing and 13.6% are increasing. So no problem. There will be plenty of the whippersnappers around. Math is not the forte of the NCPA. This isn't even what worked me up. But the more you look into this group . . .

If you don't have the stomach, time, or interest in perusing the NCPA website one of their issues is that global warming is non-existent. Whatever. This dickwad, Sterling Burnett, is on Fox News the other day to be interviewed on the Al Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth and states,
That's the problem. If I thought Al Gore'’s movie was as you like to say, fair and balanced, I'd say, everyone should go see it. But why go see propaganda? You don'’t go see Joseph Goebbels' films to see the truth about Nazi Germany. You don'’t go see Al Gore's films to see the truth about global warming.
Motherfucker has no answer to the film so he compares Al Gore to fucking Goebbels. If you want to call something propaganda call it so but to compare to Goebbels? Son-of-a-bitch.

So I look into this a little more and whoa! what do we find. This. Seems Cocksuck McSlandersome got paid $390,000 by ExxonMobil. Hmmm. And looky here. Seems he also seems fit to defend ex-Exxon CEO Lee Raymond's compensation ($190,000 / day in 2005). Double-hmmm.

Look, Sterling, I may not of heard of you until today but allow me to pose you a question: "Who is more of a threat to the world today May 23, 2006. Al Gore, Joseph Goebbels, or ExxonMobile?" Keep in mind that Goebbels had his wife and six children killed before taking his own life, Gore is making movies on how to better the planet or ExxonMoblie?

Don't answer yet. First take a look at these allegations against you. Who is more like a Nazi? A former congressman and vice-president of the United States of America or a wildlife killing, homophobic, money-grubbing, price-gauging, human rights violating, bribing, corrupt, economic sanction-violating, bunch of bullshit artists. I will wait for your response. You have me so mad I will have to wait another day for the three-toed dog story.

Anyway, Sterling Burnett is an ass.

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