May 10, 2006

The Porter Waggoner Suit

In one of Killre's many weekend posts (may I recommend them) he mentions G. Dub's remark the day after the State of the Union. Quote: "Wouldn't it be cool to give a State of the Union speech wearing a Porter Waggoner suit?"

Now admit it. You wanted to know what that would look like? Wonder no more. Thanks to the sweet magic of PhotoShop and the vagueness of our copyright laws may I present a piece I call "31% hugs Big Time after SotU."

In other news, by a vote of 111 to 42, the great state of New Hampshire voted to approve a petition calling for the impeachment of our VP and his lapdog the Pres over the "illegal and unconstitutional NSA spying program." I doubt it will go far. No blowjobs involved.

Now in CIA news . . .

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