May 30, 2006

Mexico Cerveceros

A lot of talk recently in this country about illegals immigrants. I know Killre had a brief post on this and while I agree that humans that would like to be in this country should be documented I also think that there are larger problems looming in this fine country. For example, Iraq. Or Iran. Or Israel/Palestine. How about price gouging, minimum wage, global warming, the value of the dollar. There are many things that I can think of that are more important items to discuss on a large stage than how people should be allowed into this country.

Sadly, it will not be. The main stream media has taken it's cue from some clown near the Republican congress (I bet Rove) and has decided to make the most important issues immigration, gay rights, and flag burning. I contend that these are all ridiculous issues to argue in 2006 in this country.

I don't mean to sound like I am rebutting Killre. I don't disagree with any of the post. I can offer that the reason some Hispanics are perhaps less than happy when they are called "Mexican" could be because they are Panamanian or Columbian or a Tico. But if they are from Mexico there is nothing wrong with "Mexican." Kinda like I hate being called a Texan.

Anyway, I digress. Again. I do have a solution (that involves Mexico which is how I digressed) for the "Bud Selig Problem." As most of you know Allan Selig used to own the Brewers. Back when they were in a league that did not allow the players to play all of their position. Anyway, my solution:

In order to get a second nation in the "world" series. Move the Brewers to Mexico. This may involve a name change. May I recommend the Mexico Cerveceros. Remove Bud from his job. Remove his citizenship. Give him the Cerveceros. Viola! Problem solved.

If y'all need any more help, just let me know. Until then I need to glue a toe on my dog.


Killre said...

Touche'... or whatever the Spanish equivalent is.

The post to which you refer, "The Undocu Drama," was originally going to say something like, "Let's face it: When we talk about illegal immigrants, we're talking about Mexicans. Sure, there are a lot of other people from a lot of other places, but Mexicans, by far, make up the largest block..." Then I was going to play word games with something about poor people pouring over a porous border, blah, blah, blah. When I sat down and started typing, though, that paragraph didn't, uh, flow.

Anyway, you're right in saying that there are more important issues... and your charge that the topic of immigration is being thrown in front of those other issues like a hostage in an armed robbery is all-too-likely accurate. However, I think this country is capable of dealing with more than one or two or even six issues at a time. Immigration is very important to some people and has been for quite some time, especially in the nation's southwestern quadrant, where I spend much of my time.

Consider: Domestically, at least, black/white race relations is historically one of this country's biggest issues. A few years ago, I got together with some friends in San Francisco. One of those friends was visiting from the mid-west. Prompted by a situation that I won't go into, he asked about black/white relations in northern California. Only half-jokingly, I replied: "Blacks and whites get along just fine; we both hate the Mexicans."

Anyway: Feel free to rebut away. My ego, like my tummy, can handle it.

One F said...


Gay marriage is very important to some people as well. But only at scary election time is it trotted out and never is anything actually done about it.

All I am saying is beware the straw man.

But can we agree on sending Selig to Mexico.

One F said...

Uh, ?

Killre said...

P.S... Besides, my original impetus for addressing the immigration issue wasn't the play it's been getting in the media. It was that silly little one-day boycott they staged about a month ago. Talk about an empty gesture!