May 25, 2006


Not only a fantastic John Lescroart book, it is also what Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are.

Ken Lay is guilty on one count conspiracy, two counts wire fraud, and three counts securities fraud. He also has donated over $651, 760 to the Republican party which should be god for a pardon in two years. His sentence will b 20-30 years.

Jeffrey Skilling is guilty on one count conspiracy, twelve counts security fraud, 5 counts false statements, and two counts of insider trading (not guilty of eight). This too will be a 10-30 year sentence and with his $162,750 he should also be pardoned.

Tom Skilling, Chicago weatherman and brother of Jeff, says it will be a very cold and rainy summer.

Update: Howard just called to let me know that we for sure will not find out who was on Cheney's secret Energy Task Force now.

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