May 14, 2006

Department of Corrections

Hello, all. I come to you this week from the great (lakes) state of Michigan, land of the ten-cent refund (on empty bottles and cans) and the seven-course meal (a six-pack and a bucket of smelt). This, for you, is good news. Since I am away from my regular workshop, I won't be staggering the strands of the web with a ponderous payload of new posts. Not this week, anyway. Next week, watch out.

Some of you may have noted the sheer volume of material that suddenly appeared last Monday. You may also have noted how rife that material was with little nuts-and-bolts mistakes: Misspelled words, improper tenses, and two superfluous apostrophes that have been eating at me all week. (If it is any consolation, I took it upon myself to draw --with a big, red marker-- a large circle-slash on my forehead, which I then wore for six days... three days for each apostrophical infraction.) I am not immune to typographical errors, but I usually try to be more meticulous than that.

Perhaps you think it strange of me to mention these mistakes. I have a reason: From time to time, I intentionally misspell words (or even make them up!*) as well as make other "mistakes." Usually, I have a reason for doing so-- one which pertains to that specific posting. So, I would rather cop to sheer sloppiness when it occurs than leave you having to wonder about some future textual oddity-- Does this have some sort of implication, or is nothing more than an outright screw-up?

I hereby state, categorically: Any little mistakes (and there are many) in the seven pieces I posted last week were the result of nothing more than excessive punchiness and poor proof-reading. I'm genuinely sorry for letting them slip past me, and I'll try to not let it happen again.

*The word "platp," for instance. Probably, if you read Lost Lenore, this word looked like a typo. It wasn't. I did it on purpose. It is intended to be a hybrid of the word "plat" and the onomatopoeic "plopped."

P.S... Bud "I, I'd Say I'm... Pretty Decisive, I Think" Selig must go.

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